CC: MILEY CYRUS’s Brother is Glad ; the Razz: Showbuzz

22 07 2009

MILEY CYRUS’S brother is glad the public loves his band, Metro Station, as much as his sister. The band formed on the set of Miley’s show Hannah Montana and Trace Cyrus said: “It’s weird with all my family being so lucky being able to do music andentertain the world. I’m happy as many people are taking an interest in my music as they have in my sister.”

Source- California Chronicle


Trace Cyrus Gets Tatted LIVE!

21 07 2009

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18 07 2009

TRACE Cyrus, big brother of 16-year-old megastar Miley, is breaking the Disney mould by modelling his band on gloom popsters Depeche Mode.

The tattooed 20-year-old, who is the frontman of American foursome Metro Station, said: “Depeche Mode are amazing. They’re a major influence.”

In Malta to perform at the Isle of MTV Festival, Trace said Jacko’s untimely passing has highlighted the power of pop music. He said: “There are people who say, ‘It’s just pop,’ that it’s temporary and doesn’t matter. But it’s so important in people’s lives. We’re not ashamed to be a pop band.”

And Trace said the boyband have as many male fans as girls, “because they know there are chicks at our shows!”

Source- Daily Star

New Metro Station Myspace Photo Default!

17 07 2009


Herald: First we had Billy, then Miley, now Trace Cyrus hits town

17 07 2009

Trace Cyrus, the older brother of Miley Cyrus and son of Billy Ray Cyrus has caused a mini-frenzy in the capital.

The 20-year-old brother of the teen star was in town with his band Metro Station to perform and Dublin’s Olympia Theatre last night.

Die-hard fans had been queuing to watch the gig from 9am.

Trace formed the chart-topping band after he hit it off with another founding member Mason Musso during a ‘blind rock date’ organised by their mothers.

Mason’s brother also stars along side teen sensation Miley in her Hannah Montana show.

The Californian quintet are set to perform with Miley later this year when she hits Dublin in December.


The Hannah Montana star’s December gigs at the Dublin O2 sold out within minutes.

Aiken Promotions is organising the two shows at the O2 on December 16 and 17 and confirmed that tickets have completely sold out, meaning that, at just 16, Miley has become one of the fastest-selling acts in the history of live Irish music.

A total of 20,000 tickets to her O2 concerts were snapped up in just 10 minutes as Irish kids and parents embarked on a frenzied mission to book their place at her first concerts here.

The hype surrounding her appearance was bigger than anything seen here in years — dwarfing pop phenomenons like Britney Spears, Take That and Beyonce.

Source- Herald

Help Metro Station! Get Them on GC’s Next World Tour!

17 07 2009

Trace Cyrus (@TraceCyrus) wants all of us who have Twitters to tweet to Good Charlotte band member, Joel Madden (@JoelMadden) that you want METRO STATION to be apart of Good Charlotte’s new WORLD TOUR! The line up includes Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, and All Time Low. Now lets get METRO STATION onto that list! Tweet Joel! He’s taking suggestions for two more bands!

Digital Spy: Metro Station promise ‘kid-friendly’ Cyrus tour

2 07 2009

Metro Station have promised that they will perform a “child-friendly” show during their support slot on Miley Cyrus’s upcoming tour.

The ‘Shake It’ rockers, who include Cyrus’s older brother Trace, are scheduled to open for the Hannah Montana star across the US and UK later this year.

Speaking to Billboard, Trace said: “[Miley] definitely has some younger kids that come to her shows that wouldn’t come to our shows, but we’re making music for all listeners.

“We’re definitely gonna try to be child-friendly on that tour. We’re gonna try to make it our audience as much as we can. I feel like our music can definitely speak to those kids.”

He added that he “couldn’t be more excited” about hitting the road with his sibling, saying: “It’s my dream come true. I’m gonna have everyone I love out on the road with me. It’s gonna be great.”

Metro Station will also play this year’s T4 On The Beach festival on July 19.

Source- Digital Spy