18 07 2009

TRACE Cyrus, big brother of 16-year-old megastar Miley, is breaking the Disney mould by modelling his band on gloom popsters Depeche Mode.

The tattooed 20-year-old, who is the frontman of American foursome Metro Station, said: “Depeche Mode are amazing. They’re a major influence.”

In Malta to perform at the Isle of MTV Festival, Trace said Jacko’s untimely passing has highlighted the power of pop music. He said: “There are people who say, ‘It’s just pop,’ that it’s temporary and doesn’t matter. But it’s so important in people’s lives. We’re not ashamed to be a pop band.”

And Trace said the boyband have as many male fans as girls, “because they know there are chicks at our shows!”

Source- Daily Star


CC: Mistakes and Miley ; The Disney Star’s New Film is No.1 in America so No Wonder She’s Nottoo Worried About the Critics

11 05 2009

…Her second studio album, Breakout, gave us the great electro stomper Fly On The Wall. Having co-written eight of the 13 tracks, it shows she has what it takes to match any of the current pop stars such as Britney Spears, Pink and Lady GaGa.

She isn’t the only Cyrus doing well in the pop world. Her older brother Trace’s band Metro Station is currently in the UK top 10 with Shake It…

Source- California Chronicle
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Sunday Mail: Singles & albums out this week- March 22

23 03 2009

METRO STATION – Metro Station ****

Co-frontman Trace is the older brother of Miley Cyrus but don’t let that put you off this new wave pop outfit.

Covered in tattoos and looking like metallers, it’s a surprise to hear their brilliantly anthemic pop. Shake It will be a massive hit, while Disco and Seventeen Forever also stand out. MM

Source- Sunday Mail
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Digital Spy: Metro Station- ‘Shake It’

17 03 2009

Swedish pop duo Roxette – ‘It Must Have Been Love’, ‘The Look’, ‘Joyride’, you know the ones – subtitled their Greatest Hits album Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus! It’s a snappy little slogan, one that certain chart acts would do well to remember at times, and it springs to mind when discussing ‘Shake It’, the debut single from US pop/rockers Metro Station.

Why? Well, everything about this track – the uneventful verses, the weedy vocals, the rather tedious lyrics – is passable at best. Except, crucially, for the chorus, which is big, chanty and as easy to resist as a Krispy Kreme donut being dangled down on a rope in front of your PC. Roxette didn’t sell 45m albums by accident, you know.

Source- Digital Spy

Denver Decider: Metro Station

15 02 2009

Warning: This article may be offensive to some or most Metro Station Fans

Metro Station features Miley Cyrus’ older half-brother Trace, so have your Hannah Montana-related heckles ready: This mediocre techno-emo band deserves everything you can throw at it. As if mining two of the most irritating genres in pop music history wasn’t bad enough, Metro Station confuses “aggressively vapid but catchy” with “good” on 2007’s Metro Station, a record so mindlessly peppy it should have forced The Rapture and !!! to apologize for inspiring shaggy-haired airheads from the ’burbs to shake their skinny asses over terrible, party-slaughtering beats.

Source- Decider

Dallas Observer: This Or That- Metro Station? Or Just Another Crappy Local Band?

4 02 2009

This is a bit offensive to all Metro Station Fans. Feel free to read it, or not.

Welcome to This or That, the weekly segment here on DC9 where we stream an unmarked song and ask, simply enough, “Is this [POP BAND X] or just another crappy local band?”

Why? Because we don’t think you’ll be able to tell the difference between the real thing and the crappy, cheap knockoff.

Metro Station.jpg

[Editor’s Note: Before we get started this week, an apology: I’ve been really bad about remembering to do this lately, and I know there are a bunch of readers who get a kick out of it, so… my bad. Won’t happen again. Until, y’know, it does.]

If you don’t recognize the name Metro Station (pictured above), that’s fine. No one’s gonna come after you with torches or anything. Well, no one except for delusional Miley Cyrus fans, as, yep, Metro Station just happens fronted by the tween superstar’s older broseph, Trace.

But there’s more to Metro Station than just that, actually; the band scored a big-time Top 40 radio hit with the admittedly kinda-catchy tune “Shake It” in 2008–even before most people made the Cyrus last name connection. And chances are you’ve likely heard the song before–if not on the radio, in dance clubs or in the gym or at the mall or…well, wherever, really. Point is, it’s been all over. And the band’s follow-up single, “Seventeen Forever” has even had some moderate success, too.

So, the question this week, dear Guessers: Is this week’s track a deep cut from the band’s self-titled debut release, and maybe a potential candidate for a future radio single down the line? Or is this just the work of any number of local band’s striving for the same sound?

You be the judge…

As always, post your best guesses in the comments section, and we’ll review the answer next week (promise!). Meanwhile for those of you still pondering the answer to the last This or That game, well, you’ll just have to jump for the Big Reveal…

Actually, synth and all, it was a new song from The All-American Rejects: “The Wind Blows”, a track off the band’s latest release, When The World Comes Down. Go figure, right? Oh, and for those counting at home, commenter Jordan Like The River has failed to successfully guess in any of these games since the first one. Maybe this week’s is easier? We’ll see…

Source- Dallas Observer

El fanatismo musical de los Cyrus

27 01 2009

La familia Cyrus es definitivamente amante de la música. En esta oportunidad, Trace Cyrus, el hermano de Miley, lanzó su disco debut con el hit Shake it.

Lejos del look de su hermana, Trace Cyrus sabe cómo lograr popularidad y ser fiel a sí mismo. A diferencia de su hermana Miley, le atraen los sonidos provenientes del rock y el punk. La banda Metro Station sacó a la venta su disco debut.

El disco Metro station es el álbum homónimo de la banda que gracias a su primer corte Shake it está escalando en los ranking y listas de popularidad.

Así,  el estilo musical de la familia Cyrus sigue ampliándose: Billy Ray (el padre) es músico country, Miley se reveló como un suceso del teen-pop y ahora Trace probará su suerte dentro del rock.

Source- Mundo 52

Cyrus family is definitely a lover of music. On this occasion, Trace Cyrus, Miley’s brother, released its debut album with the hit Shake it.
Look away from his sister, Trace Cyrus knows how to achieve popularity and be true to himself. Unlike his sister Miley, he attracted the sounds from the rock and punk. Metro Station band released their debut album on sale.

The Metro station is the disc album namesake of the band through its first cut Shake it is climbing in the ranking and popularity lists.

Thus, the musical style of the family continues to expand Cyrus: Billy Ray (the father) was country music, Miley emerged as an incident of teen-pop and now Trace test their luck in the rock.

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