‘Kelsey EP’ is Out NOW on iTunes! Enter for your chance to MEET Metro Station!

6 10 2009

Picture 28

Metro Station’s ‘Kelsey EP’ is now available exclusively on iTunes for only $3.99! Click here to pick up your copy – http://bit.ly/1drsFM. Additionally, enter here to win a trip to NYC to see Metro Station on the Miley Cyrus tour! http://www.columbiarecords.com/contest/shakeit/

Track list:
1. Kelsey (Walter Meego Remix)
2. Japanese Girl
3. Time To Play
4. Kelsey (Acoustic Version)
5. Kelsey


New Metro Station Myspace Photo Default!

17 07 2009



Trace Cyrus: ‘ i CAN smile in pictures! i just dont like to! but right now im too happy to hide it!’

30 05 2009

Trace Cyrus’s new uploaded photos from his official Myspace page! Go comment them!


New Photo With Blake and Kristy!

8 05 2009

How cute is this?



Mason Musso: New Photos

7 05 2009

Mason uploaded four new Macbook Photobooth photos onto his Myspace photo album today! Feel free to comment them on his official Myspace page! (Myspace.com/MasonMusso) *Side Note: Sorry for the lack of updates recently, again. I’ve just been piled with school work and projects. I’m trying my hardest to update though!

Trace Cyrus: ‘new pics by blanket’

30 04 2009


Metro Station: Re-mix “Shake It” with GoMix!

13 04 2009

Check out the GoMix widget located above the “band members” section on our MySpace page! With GoMix, you can create your very own remix of “Shake It” – can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Source- Metro Station’s Official Myspace Blog