NBC Bay Area: ‘Meet Miley’s Brother’

26 08 2009


Meet the other Cyrus and see and take a look at our list of must-reads that will have you chatting at the lunch counter, over IM or wherever it is that people actually talk these days.

  • Meet the other Cyrus: Miley’s brother, Trace. The boy is covered in tats, hates the Jonas Brothers and said the best advice he ever got was not to have sex with “too many nasty girls on the road.” Yet he claims to be a “very respectful” young man. The pop musician is starkly different from his sister, a Disney alum with a squeaky clean image.
  • Source- NBC Bay Area

    New Metro Station EP Coming soon!

    24 08 2009

    Picture 2Who’s excited as much as myself? New Metro Station music!

    aNt Cam 8!

    19 08 2009

    Last 2 weeks on tour with Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, All Time Low & Hey Monday

    Picture 17

    Celebrity Gossip: Trace Cyrus Rebounds With Demi Lookalike

    18 08 2009

    It was only weeks ago that he broke up with Disney darling Demi Lovato, and last night (August 17) Trace Cyrus was spotted playing tonsil hockey with a new girl who looked just like her.

    The Metro Station frontman took his Demi lookalike for a romantic dinner at the swanky sushi restaurant Katsuya in West Hollywood.

    Just after his split with Lovato, Cyrus told press that age and distance were two factors that they couldn’t seem to overcome. Looks like he’s already moved on!

    And after their meal, Trace and his new lady friend had a plethora of public displays of affection as they enjoyed the mild night air.

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    AV Chicago: Metro Station

    18 08 2009

    MUSIC EVENT: Metro Station
    Also Playing: Mayday Parade and Mitchell Musso and Evan Taubenfeld

    Metro Station features Miley Cyrus’ older half-brother Trace, so have your Hannah Montana-related heckles ready: This mediocre techno-emo band deserves everything you can throw at it. As if mining two of the most irritating genres in pop-music history weren’t bad enough, Metro Station confuses “aggressively vapid but catchy” with “good” on 2007’s Metro Station, a record so mindlessly peppy it should have forced The Rapture and !!! to apologize for inspiring shaggy-haired airheads from the ’burbs to shake their skinny asses over terrible, party-slaughtering beats.

    Source- AV Chicago

    OceanUP: Trace Cyrus COMIN’ AROUND Oh Demi

    18 08 2009

    Metro Station @ Six Flags Great America near Chicago on August 13. Trace Cyrus shouted, ‘oh Demi!’ during Comin’ Around. From Mollie: Before singing Seventeen Forever, trace asked how many 17 year olds were in the audience.

    Then asked how many 16 year olds were in the audience. He said ’16 is definitely the craziest age. I know from experience.’ I’m not sure if he was
    talking about Miley or Demi?

    Source- OceanUP

    Perez Hilton: Miley’s Brother Slams The Jonas Brothers!

    18 08 2009

    Most of you probably have no idea who Z-lister Trace Cyrus is.

    The loser is Miley Cyrus‘ older half-brother. You know, the fugly, tattooed one who’s the singer for Metro Station and was dating cutieDemi Lovato for a short time.

    Well, he was interviewed for Details mag recently and was asked about his life and career. And when compared to the Jonas Bros, Trace says:

    “I’m not trying to clean my image to make anyone happy. I could have gone the route of the Jonas BrothersThose guys can’t live their lives freely. They have to put out this image that’s totally fake.

    Really, how are they fake? Please tell!

    But when the reporter jokingly asked which of the 3 Jonai would be the toughest to fight, Trace responds, “I don’t think any of them would be much trouble. I’d never lay a hand on Nick—I love that kid—but the other two better not get in my way.”

    So they aren’t as clean as their image and Kevin and Joe are worth fighting?


    The rest of the interview is pretty much boring as it’s all about Trace. But we’re waiting to find out if the Jonas Bros will even respond to his remarks.

    They likely won’t.

    Source- Perez Hilton