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19 08 2009

Last 2 weeks on tour with Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, All Time Low & Hey Monday

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Help Metro Station! Get Them on GC’s Next World Tour!

17 07 2009

Trace Cyrus (@TraceCyrus) wants all of us who have Twitters to tweet to Good Charlotte band member, Joel Madden (@JoelMadden) that you want METRO STATION to be apart of Good Charlotte’s new WORLD TOUR! The line up includes Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, and All Time Low. Now lets get METRO STATION onto that list! Tweet Joel! He’s taking suggestions for two more bands!

Blast Magazine: Fall Out Boy and friends rock Lowell, for better or worse

20 05 2009

LOWELL — The line of teenage girls and chaperoning parents around Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Mass. Tuesday was a quarter of a mile long. Anyone walking to the end of it is a witness to every color in the neon rainbow – on t-shirts, shoelaces, and even sections of hair. What could possibly have all of these scenesters lined up in a balmy 94 degree day? Only the wet dream of emo rock tours this summer – The Believers Never Die Tour Part Deux.

As one dad stated while waiting in line with his daughter, “This is what it was like 20 years ago for us lining up for Ozzy and Motley Crue. They are all dressed up and so into it.”

The tour includes five acts starting with Hey Monday, Metro Station, All Time Low, Cobra Starship and is capitalized with pop-rock giants Fall Out Boy. The concert was completely sold out which means approximately 5,000 jubilant fans crammed into the floor pit of Tsongas while 1,500 their parents and the more claustrophobic fans fill out the arena seats circling the stage. Their screams grew louder and closer to pandemonium with each act that took the stage.

Hey Monday, the newest act to Pete Wentz’s Fueled By Ramen imprint label Decaydance, kept things light and exciting during the opening set but things began to get unkosher when Metro Station took the stage. Trace Cyrus (Yes, of the Miley relation – her half brother) spent more time throwing his guitar than actually playing it (observation: there was never a time when he strummed and sang at the same time). The stands erupted when Cyrus took off his shirt right before the crowd favorite, “Shake It.” The intensity of the reaction caused one girl to be pulled out of the pit (which looked more like a squared off block of human sardines than actual people) unconscious and rushed backstage for medical attention.

Still, the most disturbing moment of the night came when All Time Low front man Alex Gaskarth requested that all willing girls to throw their bras on stage during the Virginia rockers’ set. Before he could finish the first verse there were dozens of undergarments being thrown on stage, which is even more unsettling when you realize that the mean age of everyone close to the stage is 14 and the sex Gaskarth offered for their undergarments is illegal in all 50 states. The ordeal has me extremely worried about the welfare and mentality of the upcoming concert-going generation.

After the All Time Low set there seemed to be a mass exodus of underage (and now unsupported) teenage girls, only to be replaced by a new crowd of slightly older — but still tripped out in neon — fans who seemed to flank from the wings to take their spots in the pit for the headlining acts.

Cobra Starship lead singer Gabe Saporta refrained from asking for lingerie (though one or two were still thrown at bassist Alex Suarez) and stuck to making jokes about swine flu and teaching the crowd the “international Cobra symbol” -– throwing fangs up before ending with their flagship song “Snakes On a Plane” and fan favorite “Guilty Pleasure.”

It has to be said that Fall Out Boy lived up to their headlining position though. Their performance was decked out with background video, snare drummers in full SWAT attire and even a wardrobe change. The Chicago-based quartet rocked out for over an hour, playing songs from all four of their albums from the first, “Take This To Your Grave,” to the December-released “Folie A Deux”.

Bassist Pete Wentz handled most of the between song banter, commenting on everything from political current events to a poster in the front row pleading “DON’T SELL OUT.” Wentz countered that the band never sold out, merely “bought in” –- whatever that means.

Overall, it felt like two separate concerts where each band performed for their own respective audiences. There was always something to watch, which is all you could ask for from a show, but in some cases it felt like -– for better or worse –- the emphasis was more on the spectacle than the songs being presented. At the end of the night, despite a few disturbing moments, Believers Never Die turned out to be a thoroughly entertaining show and I’ll place a bet that it ends up being one of the most successful of the entire summer.

Source- Blast Magazine

Miami Herald: Fall Out Boy and friends head to Pompano Beach

20 05 2009

Fans of emo-tinged rock can buy one ticket and see a lineup of their favorite bands in one night on one stage. On Tuesday, mtvU and MTV presents the ”Believers Never Die Tour Part Deux” at the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre.

Headliners are Chicago pop-punk rockers Fall Out Boy, led by bassist and tabloid heartthrob Pete Wentz (whose wife is Ashlee Simpson), with hits including Sugar, Infinityon High and This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race. The band will be joined by Metro Station, a teen band that got its start on MySpace, and now has catchy hits Seventeen Forever and Shake It; West Palm Beach-based Hey Monday, fronted by vocalist Cassadee Pope, gaining popularity with the song Homecoming. Also performing Tuesday: Cobra Starship (Bring It On from Snakes on a Plane) and All Time Low (Dear Maria, Count Me In).

We spoke with Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley, Metro Station’s Trace Cyrus, and Hey Monday’s Cassadee Pope while the bands were on the road, heading to South Florida.

Andrew Hurley, drummer, Fall Out Boy.

Q.What can fans expect from this tour?

A. I think it’s more of a back-to-basics tour. We also have a few new tricks up our sleeve with it. It’s cool because we’re playing in mid-sized venues; it’s still small enough where the energy is felt and the vibe from us is projected, and the fans’ energy is felt, too. Hopefully we’ll have some cool lighting. But, that’s just a small part of the show, I never notice lighting unless it’s in a Nine Inch Nails concert.

Q. What do you think stands out from your new album, Folie á Deux? Any favorite new tunes to play live?

A. We just toured in Japan and Australia recently and we’ve just started to introduce the new album to the set. Newer songs are exciting to play and this is the album I’m the most proud of. It goes back to the older days. We took the best out of our records and mixed it in there.

The song I love to play the most is Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes. That one has good percussions in it, and it’ll be a good part of the show.

Q.What are your thoughts on Miami?

A. We’ve been to Miami, but it sucks because whenever we’re there it’s inside the venue and the hotel. I wish we had more time to explore. And I was there for the VMA’s a few years ago at the American Airlines Arena and I was acting pretty crazy. I was able to check out the outdoors shopping and restaurant area by there and it was pretty cool (Bayside). It feels like Miami Vice when I’m walking around there. It’s beautiful there’s so much energy. I love it.

Trace Cyrus, co-frontman of Metro Station.

Q.What excites you the most about being on this tour with a band like Fall Out Boy?

A. I’m the most excited to just widen our fan stance. I am so thrilled to have the fans of Fall Out Boy checking us out. They’re the biggest fans from our type of music genre. They go nuts when they hear about new music and it’s amazing.

Q.You played in Fort Lauderdale last year — what do you love about South Florida?

A. South Florida is crazy; those kids find out about music fast! They are a party crowd and they love to have a good time and it shows. We didn’t get a chance to hang out too much over there. It’s really annoying that I couldn’t get a chance to check out bars and clubs. It’s very busy. I wish we had a chance to do it, though!

Q.How do you feel about suddenly having your songs, like Shake It, playing so much on the radio?

A. It’s an honor. When we were writing these songs we didn’t expect them on the radio or in movies. They’ve gone so far. We didn’t feel like we would get past California, and the fact that we’ve gotten to see the world, thanks to our music, is amazing. I’m really still shocked that all of this has happened to us.

Q.What’s your favorite song to perform live?

A. We love playing Control. It’s the one that we all wrote together as a band. They all go crazy in the crowd when they hear that tune!

Q. Anything you’d like to tell fans going to the show?

A. We want to get to know the fans and we want to meet them. It’s a priority for us to listen to their stories and to anything they want to tell us.

Cassadee Pope, lead vocals, Hey Monday.

Q.What excites you the most of going out on this tour with a band like Fall Out Boy, and playing a hometown show of sorts?

A. We’ve been huge fans of Fall Out Boy for years and we’re fans of all the other bands on the bill. We feel like the new kids on the block but everyone has been treating us like a part of the group.

We’re excited to see the reaction; it’s a different hometown show. Hopefully it’ll be just as good if not better. We haven’t played at home in a while so we’re very excited!

Q.What can fans expect from the show?

A. It’s going to be a roller coaster ride. We play upbeat songs and then slow it down. It’s a movie-type set with a climax, cool down and ending. It’s definitely high energy. We have a ton of fun on stage and it’s great. Hopefully they’ll all leave with a smile.

Q.What do you love the most about South Florida? Anything you miss while on the road?

A. I really miss going to the beach. I can do that all the time at home. I miss something else — and it’s going to sound really bad — but I remember having tons of fun during hurricanes because the power would go out for two weeks and that was fun. I’d be with friends hanging out.

Q.Do you have any backstage stories from the tour?

A. Everyone is really funny backstage. There was one time we came to the green room and there was peanut butter, jelly and bread all mixed in a bowl. All the flies were around it. It was really gross, but funny! I’m sure it was Pete, but he has not come clean yet. Yet we thrive off of that. Touring is awesome but you need those releases, something different that will surprise us, like a practical joke.

Q. Anything else you’d like to tell your fans?

A. Can’t wait to come home and play a hometown show — and get your tickets early!

Source- Miami Herald

Norwich Bulletin: Nancy Hall- Bands get a big break opening for stars

2 05 2009

Fall Out Boy kicked off the U.S. leg of their Believers Never Die Part Deux tour on April 3 and have been playing almost every night since. The busy outing, making its stop at Mohegan Sun Arena Wednesday, has featured several opening acts as well. Lesser known bands like Cobra Starship, Hey Monday, All Time Low and Metro Station are along for this tour and will soon be entertaining crowds in southeastern Connecticut.
Hey Monday
Hey Monday was formed by lead singer Cassadee Pope, who was signed to a record label before ever recording any music. They released their debut album, “Hold on Tight,” in October of 2008 on Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz’s label imprint Decaydance Records and have pretty much been touring ever since. Along with opening for Fall Out Boy, Pope is also featured in the music video for their latest single “America’s Suitehearts.”

Cobra Starship
Also on Decaydance Records is pop punk band Cobra Starship. The eclectic group, which includes a keytar player, was formed by bassist/singer Gabe Saporta and named after words on the back of one of his vintage jackets. They have been featured on the “Snakes on a Plane” soundtrack and are reportedly working with “Gossip Girl” star Leighton Meester on a new song titled “I Make Good Girls Go Bad.”
Metro Station
Metro Station certainly knows about good girls. Their lead guitarist, Trace Cyrus, is the older brother of “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus. Lead vocalist Mason Musso also has a younger sibling on the show, Mitchel Musso, and the guys’ mothers introduced them on the set in 2006. A year later they had their self-titled debut album released on Columbia Records and in the summer of 2008 took over radio with their multi-platinum single “Shake It.”
All Time Low
Rounding out the openers is All Time Low. Although they are the group that’s been together the longest, they are also they only ones on the tour without a major label release. It has been rumored they’ve signed with Interscope Records and will have a major release for their third album. It probably doesn’t hurt the Believers Never Die Tour is the biggest they’ve been on.
Fans can see all the openers, and of course headliners Fall Out Boy, Wednesday at Mohegan Sun Arena.

Source- Norwich Bulletin

GG: CONCERTS- Performing in North Iowa and beyond

30 04 2009

Roy Wilkins: Fall Out Boy with All Time Low, Cobra Starship, & Metro Station will perform May 17. For information, contact Ticketmaster, 651-989-5151.

Source- Globe Gazette

Spartan Daily: ‘The boys were back in town tantalizing sweaty teens’

26 04 2009

You know it’s a rock concert when there’s a ballooned condom in the air. A line of brightly colored graphic T-shirts on teenagers who are wearing too much black eyeliner is another sign.

I was definitely going to need whatever was on tap to get through this concert, featuring punk, emo, pop-rock darlings, Fall Out Boy.

Expensive plastic cups of beer in hand, my friend and I approached the arena bleacher seats that surrounded the pulsating stage.

I missed the first band, Hey Monday, who kicked off the show and was now trying to thump my foot along to the sounds of Cobra Starship, a pop-punk band who gave an energetic performance with some pretty danceable tunes.

It was hard getting into the rocker mode with all the stone-faced spectators around my seating area. One would think a cardboard box demonstration was taking place.

The crowd on the main floor seemed to be enjoying themselves, obediently clapping their hands when the front-man did and screaming when the lead guitarist would swing his guitar around his neck.

“Guilty Pleasure,” one of their more well-known songs, finished off their set and had the crowd pumping the band’s hand-sign in the air (one hand up like it’s going for a high five with the other hand forming fangs in front of it – get it? Cobras and fangs?).

During the first intermission, I could see pubescent teens being pulled from the front of the crowd by security guards for throwing items up on stage.

During the first intermission, I wanted another beer. The desire to keep drinking until the music sounded better was strong.

The answer to the end of my cup of beer was Metro Station, a band from Hollywood with a more electro-rock sound, was my favorite out of the bunch. Though their faces were ugly, their voices more than made up for it when they belted out songs such as “Kelsey,” an upbeat, sweet love song heavy with synthesizers.

The front man, Anthony Improgo, was all over the stage, jumping on tables and spraying water on the fans. Pink and green strobe lights matched the beats of their songs and it all translated to me legitimately enjoying myself.

Their last song, “Shake it,” was a charmer and called on the “sexy crowd” to turn the concert into a dance party, which they happily did.

Yes, even some of my fellow upper level bleacher buddies were bobbing their heads by
this point.

Source- Spartan Daily