Metro Station Performance Shots

31 05 2009

Random photos via Frankie Moreno featuring Metro Station performing/ behind the scenes at their shows.


Metro Station on MTV Push PERFORMANCE Videos

31 05 2009


“Shake It”

“Seventeen Forever”

*Anthony isn’t in any of Metro Station’s three performances shown above. Anybody have any information as to why? Nonetheless, the boys still did great on their performances ( without Ant 😦 )! Thanks fueledbyluska!

Metro Station VMA PERFORMANCE Video

31 05 2009

Metro Station performed at the ‘Red Carpet Show’ for Japan’s MTV Video Music Awards ’09 yesterday! Here’s the performance video; they perform their singles, ‘Seventeen Forever’ and ‘Shake It’. Thanks puccyo3!

Metro Station/ Trace Cyrus in Japan PHOTOS

31 05 2009

Photos via Trace Cyrus’s Twitter.

Metro Station in Japan PHOTOS/ Other Random Twitter Pictures

31 05 2009

Photos via Blake Healy’s Twitter. (Part 1)

Metro Station’s ‘Kelsey’ Music Video Shoot

31 05 2009

Photo’s from Metro Station’s video shoot via Blake Healy’s Twitter.

Trace Cyrus: im sorry but…..

30 05 2009

i really dont know how much more of all “pop-punk” bands that sound EXACTLY the same.

does anyone feel me on this?

if you have ever been to warped tour then i know you feel me.

Source- Trace Cyrus’s Official Myspace Bulletin