Anthony Improgo Leaves Metro Station

29 12 2009

Drummer Anthony Improgo has departed from Metro Station, leaving only vocalist/guitarist Trace Cyrus and guitarist Mason Musso as members. Cyrus tweeted, “and then there were two,” and Improgo said, “thank you for the 3 years. you will always be my boys!!!!!!!”

This is the second member to leave the band in a little more than a month. Keyboardist Blake Healy announced he was no longer with the band in mid-November.

Source – ALT Press

And for those of you wondering why the lack of updates this whole time is mainly because of these two *amazing* members leaving. I’m still deciding on whether to continue the updates as just on Trace and Mason now or with all of them or just delete this site… Feel free to comment. I’ll make my final decision by the new year.




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30 12 2009

He left too!!! I wont be able to live if the band fully breaks up… this is a sad sad day…

4 01 2010

I think You should keep posting about ALL of them!

4 01 2010

please dont delete the sight, u shuld still do it with all of them plus ne new members added just dont delete the sight its were i go for metro station information and i luv it please dont 😦

4 01 2010

It sucks how Metro Station are now only Mason and Trace, But… they are still Metro Station and this is a fansite about MS so you shouldnt delete it. With Blake and Ant leaving it makes me wonder if Metro Station will last but they’re apprently still putting their new album out. Keep doing your updates as im sure it helps many Metro Station fans who are a bit behind 😀

11 01 2010

I wunder why they left…..they were GREAT!!!i cant wait for there new album to come out…YAY!…ANDD the t.v. show thing!IM GOING TO TAPE EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!…I wunder if mason and trace will keep there career going(MasonDoesHaveTheVoiceOfAnAngel:D)


21 01 2010

That’s sad! I want Blake and Ant back! They were amazing and everyone lived them… I really hope they don’t break up completely… Can someone fill me in on the whole show thing? I never heard about it…? ❤ Metro Station! Tell them to come back!!!!

21 01 2010

I meant loved! God this keyboard sucks!

21 01 2010

I forgot to mention that they need to update their

17 02 2010

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23 02 2010

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo 😦 There’s only Mase and Traceeee 😥 I wonder why they left though….I heard Blake left because the band wouldn’t play his songs or something like that…I’m not sure…..but that SUCKS MAJOR ARSE!

11 03 2010
Alana Banana

😦 Sad that ant And Blake Left :'(. The bad was awesome made great songs. 🙂
Hope stay friends and (yn) hopefully reunite or do covers together 🙂

Mason and Trace Are Amazing ❤ I hope Metrosstation Continues to be. And makes more awesome Music:)

11 04 2010


16 05 2010
16 05 2010
16 05 2010
16 05 2010
19 07 2010

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