Blake Healy Leaves Metro Station

16 11 2009

Blake Healy announced¬†yesterday that he has officially left Metro Station on his Twitter. No word on why he left.¬† We’ll keep you posted.

As sad as we are to hear the news, we wish Blake luck in whatever path he chooses in the future. *Seventeen Forever, even though it is a Metro Station fansite, will continue to post Blake Healy news! xox


Anthony Improgo’s Official Twitter!

11 09 2009

Anthony has officially joined Twitter! Follow his OFFICIAL Twitter
@xanthonyimprogo! Tell him Seventeen Forever sent you!

New Metro Station EP Coming soon!

24 08 2009

Picture 2Who’s excited as much as myself? New Metro Station music!

Help Metro Station! Get Them on GC’s Next World Tour!

17 07 2009

Trace Cyrus (@TraceCyrus) wants all of us who have Twitters to tweet to Good Charlotte band member, Joel Madden (@JoelMadden) that you want METRO STATION to be apart of Good Charlotte’s new WORLD TOUR! The line up includes Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, and All Time Low. Now lets get METRO STATION onto that list! Tweet Joel! He’s taking suggestions for two more bands!

Kelsey Music Video Screenshot!

6 06 2009


Trace uploaded a photo onto his Twitter not too long ago with a screenshot of him in Metro Station’s new music video, ‘Kelsey’!

Mason Musso’s Twitter Photos

3 06 2009

Photos via Mason’s official Twitter.

Blake Healy’s Twitter Photos

3 06 2009

Photos via Blake’s official Twitter and Kristy’s official Twitter.