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3 04 2010

As you all know or may have heard, Metro Station has officially broken up. And because of that, our fansite will be ending as well. From the beginning, our site has been nonstop posts relating to our favorite electro-pop Californian band. Sadly, as each band member began leaving, we began giving up on this site. It has been a good two years for this site and I would like to thank everyone who has stood by this site since the beginning (when we were known as Metro Station Online on Blogspot) and has helped it earned it’s top spot on Google search results (which is AMAZING, I can never thank you all enough!). Even though the band is done and this site is too, doesn’t mean you can’t stop “shaking it” (haha) to Metro Station’s self-titled album! ;-D As much as I’d like to keep going with this site, it would be much too complicated to update constantly about each ex-member doing their own thing (and besides this fansite is strictly dedicated to the BAND for a reason!). No, no one else is going to be running this site. So I’ll leave you all with this last post. It has been fun.

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Blake and Kristy are Officially Getting Married TODAY!

9 01 2010

Congrats to them and everyone at Seventeen Forever wishes these two love birds a long life of happiness together! Feel free to tweet them congrats at @KristyDM and @BlakeHealy!

Blake Healy Leaves Metro Station

16 11 2009

Blake Healy announced yesterday that he has officially left Metro Station on his Twitter. No word on why he left.  We’ll keep you posted.

As sad as we are to hear the news, we wish Blake luck in whatever path he chooses in the future. *Seventeen Forever, even though it is a Metro Station fansite, will continue to post Blake Healy news! xox

‘Japanese Girl’ Music Video!

30 10 2009

(Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t be posting. But every now and then is okay, right?)


Japanese Girl Official Music Video – shot and edited by me aNt when were in Tokyo Japan! Mason & Trace wrote this song in a hotel in Shibuya. Blake added all his synth stuff and wala, another music video by the boys from Metro Station.

LOVE this song from their new EP! What do you think of the video/song?

MB: Tales of two acts

2 07 2009


A foreign band found itself surprised by Pinoys’ good reception to its music. A solo Filipino singer felt the same when he finally heard his album being played at a record bar!

Metro Station, one of those American pop rock bands who didn’t stay long underground, recently dropped by the country and mesmerized their growing legions of fans with a three-day mall show series. The group, which includes the brother of world-famous young star Miley Cyrus, Trace, performed at three Ayala Malls and attracted its cult following and surprised lucky shoppers.

The band behind the hit songs “Seventeen Forever” and “Shake It” is one of today’s musical units making synthesizer and programmed sounds as effective tools in showcasing music. Their 10-track self-titled debut album has successfully delivered that, with the first four numbers managing to reach the market at large as singles. Tracks 2 and 3, “Control” and “Kelsey,” were the first releases while the fourth one, “Shake It” turned out to be the breakout song which peaked in the top 10 of three US charts when it was released in mid-2008. The youth cry “Seventeen Forever” then topped the Unsigned Charts on MySpace Music.

Apart from Trace Cyrus who plays guitar and sings, too, others forming Metro Station are lead vocalist/guitarist Mason Musso, drummer Anthony Improgo, and programmer Blake Healy.

“Surprisingly they sounded good even in acoustic setup,” says a colleague during their meet-the-press moment at Hard Rock Makati last June 10. They performed later that day at the Glorietta Activity Center, then went to Trinoma and Alabang Town Center the next two days.

Other songs in the album are “Wish We Were Older,” “Now That We’re Done,” “True To Me,” “Tell Me What To Do,” “California” and “Disco.”

In the other tale, singer Reuben Laurente recounted how surprised he was to hear his latest album “Heart Blends” being played on a record bar as he was going around looking for CDs to buy. He wasn’t expecting to hear it considering some technicalities that caused delay on the album’s release date which he recorded many months back. Fortunately, MCA Music has agreed to distribute the album.

“Nasa loob ako ng record bar when I heard a familiar track and realized it was from my album. Sa sobrang tuwa ko nilapitan ko ‘yung guwardiya at masaya kong sinabing ako po ang kumanta niyan,” Reuben told the Manila Bulletin, sounding as if he was a newbie recording artist who found out for the first time that his CD is finally on record outlets.

Reuben is not new in the scene. He was lead singer of The CompanY for 14 years and as solo he already put out a fair share of solo CDs. It takes a true dedicated professional to keep that excitement high.

Nevertheless, it is perplexing that no label seemed interested to distribute “Heart Blends” months ago. The covers choices are all classics (originally sung by female singers) while the renditions were properly done and not difficult to admire. The 15-track package was originally 13. “Waiting Game” and “Love Makes No Promises” were add-ons of an album loaded with tuneful love songs like “Out Here On My Own” and “All At Once.”
Reuben did duets with topnotch and rising lady singers in Anna Fegi (“I Honestly Love You”), Diane Elise (“Miss You Like Crazy”), Sabrina (“Love Makes No Promises”) and Bituin Escalante (Words Get In The Way”).

Source- Manilla Bulletin

Blake Healy’s Twitter Photos

3 06 2009

Photos via Blake’s official Twitter and Kristy’s official Twitter.

Metro Station in Japan PHOTOS/ Other Random Twitter Pictures

31 05 2009

Photos via Blake Healy’s Twitter. (Part 1)