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3 04 2010

As you all know or may have heard, Metro Station has officially broken up. And because of that, our fansite will be ending as well. From the beginning, our site has been nonstop posts relating to our favorite electro-pop Californian band. Sadly, as each band member began leaving, we began giving up on this site. It has been a good two years for this site and I would like to thank everyone who has stood by this site since the beginning (when we were known as Metro Station Online on Blogspot) and has helped it earned it’s top spot on Google search results (which is AMAZING, I can never thank you all enough!). Even though the band is done and this site is too, doesn’t mean you can’t stop “shaking it” (haha) to Metro Station’s self-titled album! ;-D As much as I’d like to keep going with this site, it would be much too complicated to update constantly about each ex-member doing their own thing (and besides this fansite is strictly dedicated to the BAND for a reason!). No, no one else is going to be running this site. So I’ll leave you all with this last post. It has been fun.

(Feel free to follow the owner on Twitter: @naeevee I’m free to answer any questions relating to Metro Station and meeting new fans/people! Check out my other fansite for all of you who are fans of Adam Sevani or Step Up:

If you want full updates on each band member, follow or add each of them on Myspace and Twitter:

Trace Cyrus- @tracecyrus ,
Mason Musso- @themasonmusso ,

Anthony Improgo- @xanthonyimprogo ,
Blake Healy- @blakehealy ,


Blake and Kristy are Officially Getting Married TODAY!

9 01 2010

Congrats to them and everyone at Seventeen Forever wishes these two love birds a long life of happiness together! Feel free to tweet them congrats at @KristyDM and @BlakeHealy!

200,000 Hits!

9 08 2009

‘Seventeen Forever’ has hit 200,000+ HITS!

Thank you to all readers/fans! We would be nowhere without you guys! New layout in the works! Stay tuned!


Help Metro Station! Get Them on GC’s Next World Tour!

17 07 2009

Trace Cyrus (@TraceCyrus) wants all of us who have Twitters to tweet to Good Charlotte band member, Joel Madden (@JoelMadden) that you want METRO STATION to be apart of Good Charlotte’s new WORLD TOUR! The line up includes Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, and All Time Low. Now lets get METRO STATION onto that list! Tweet Joel! He’s taking suggestions for two more bands!


22 06 2009

Our ‘Tour Dates’ page have been updated with Metro Station’s upcoming tour dates with Mason Musso and Miley Cyrus!

*Seventeen Forever is getting a layout change! Stay tuned!

*New affiliates have been added! (If you have a fansite, and would like to become affiliates with us, click the link on the right entitled ‘Affiliates’ and apply there or through our fansite email!)

*If you have ANY Metro Station news, photos, fan meetings, videos, etc. feel free to send us them through our official fansite email!


17 03 2009

Happy Birthday to Mason Tyler Musso who just turned 20 today! We hope you have a good one, Mason! You deserve it. ❤ (:


Happy ST. Patrick’s Day, as well. (Haha)


All you fans can continue to send photos/signs/personal messages/videos for Mason to see on either our forums, our fansite’s email, or comment below on this post! (Also, comment Mason’s Myspace with your personal birthday wishes to him! Don’t forget to mention SeventeenForever! ;D)

Official [Seventeen Forever] Fanforums has Launched!

13 03 2009


Click here to enter it. Reminder to all- to visit and post messages and topics on this, you MUST sign-up as a member! Don’t worry, it’s easy as one, two, three. (:

Have fun and make sure you read the rules!
Note that this forum was just created, so I’m still working on the topics and a few tweaks here and there.

-SF ❤