Blake and Kristy are Officially Getting Married TODAY!

9 01 2010

Congrats to them and everyone at Seventeen Forever wishes these two love birds a long life of happiness together! Feel free to tweet them congrats at @KristyDM and @BlakeHealy!


Blake Healy’s Twitter Photos

3 06 2009

Photos via Blake’s official Twitter and Kristy’s official Twitter.

Ant Cam 7 – Adventures in Australia & New Zealand

9 05 2009

Sorry this took a while guys. I forgot that YouTube had a 10min limit on videos. I cut a minutes worth of footage from the video . No worries it’s still all there though. Enjoy!



New Photo With Blake and Kristy!

8 05 2009

How cute is this?


Blake’s Twitter Updates!

26 03 2009

Blake Healy’s Twitter Updates!

24 03 2009

Blake’s Twitter Updates in Michigan!

20 03 2009