Daily Record: Exclusive- Metro Station to revive 60s TV show The Monkees

9 01 2010

POP stars Metro Station are hoping to follow in the footsteps of Hannah Montana siblings Miley Cyrus and Mitchel Musso – in a 21st century version of the classic Monkees TV series.

Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso are in talks with producers to create a sit-com based around their adventures in the million-selling US act, best known for their hits Shake It and Seventeen Forever.

They hope to replicate the classic Monkees series that ran between 1966 and 1968 and starred Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork.

The pop goup enjoyed superstar status, with a string of hits such as Daydream Believer and Last Train To Clarksville.

If the moves comes off, it will also see Metro Station mirror the TV careers of Miley, who plays the title role in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, and Mitchel, who plays her best friend Oliver Oken.

Mason, 20, revealed: “My little brother Mitchel is working on putting together a show right now and I am trying to get on that with him.

“Meanwhile, Trace and I would love to get on a show together and be a band in a series. If it is done very well, it could work. We have been talking and we are looking at that so we will have to see.

“We thought it would be cool to show everyone what we do in Metro Station. People want to see the reality of being in a band and the life you live doing that.

“Everything would be scripted because reality shows are kind of done. The cool part about it would be to have funny stories mixed up with what really happened. We have lots of stories from being on the road over the years.

“We were travelling in a van once, going up north, and every 30 minutes a car would flip because of the snow and ice.

“But I am no director and I will be happy to leave the storylines to the experts. There is talk and the right steps have to be made.”

And Mason admits sibling rivalry played a huge part in Metro Station’s bid for worldwide domination.

He said: “Our record has gone gold and our singles have sold about five million and I do think it’s partly down to our siblings and a certain rivalry, but it’s all done with love.

“Me and Mitchel will mess around. It is brotherly rivalry and I’m sure Trace and Miley are the same way.”

Metro Station formed in 2006 after Trace and Mason were introduced to each other by their parents, including country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who had moved to California after Miley and Mitchel landed their TV roles.

Within weeks, the pair formed Metro Station and went on to tour with top-selling acts such as Panic at the Disco, Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.

Mason recalled: “Me and Trace met when we were both 17. We had both moved to California as our siblings were cast in Hannah Montana.

“His mom and my mom were talking everyday. It was like, ‘Oh, you have a 17-year old son, I do too.’

“They always wanted us to meet but we were like ‘No, mom.’ Eventually we went up to the set on the same day and just clicked.

“You know mothers. That’s just what we do. We owe it to Trace’s mom and my mom that Metro Station got together and we are even doing it as a band.

“Me and Trace were working at the mall. When we both got together we decided to try to get some money out of our parents so that we could get amps and guitars. Our parents were very supportive.

“In the beginning we just did our own thing. We got the band together, got in the van and toured for nine months.

“We wanted to build our fan base from the ground up. We didn’t want to take free advantage of doing things with our siblings.”

Despite their independence, the band have just finished a tour as special guests of Miley, with a final UK date which took place in Manchester on Monday.

Mason explained: “Now that we are here and have done it on our own, we are happy to do things that our siblings are doing.

“The cool thing about it is that Miley’s music and our music is different but it works together and on tour the sounds come together.

“It’s cool to play in front of so many people every night.

“A lot of them come to see Miley. She has some great songs and a really good voice.

“But I think they leave the show having enjoyed the band. Even the parents enjoy it.

“They don’t know what to expect because we are not part of the whole Disney scene.”

Source- Daily Record



9 01 2010

MILEY CYRUS’ brother TRACE is planning to follow in his sister’s footsteps by using a TV show to boost his music career.
Miley Cyrus, 17, shot to fame in the lead role of teen TV show Hannah Montana, in which she plays a schoolgirl-turned-secret pop star, and she subsequently launched a music career on the back of the show’s success.
Now Trace Cyrus, 20, who fronts rock band Metro Station, is in talks to bring his group to the small screen in a new TV series.
His bandmate Mason Musso, whose little brother Mitchel stars alongside Miley in Hannah Montana, reveals they want the show to be a scripted reality series about the group.
He says, “Trace and I would love to get on a show together and be a band in a series. If it is done very well, it could work. We have been talking and we are looking at that so we will have to see.
“We thought it would be cool to show everyone what we do in Metro Station. People want to see the reality of being in a band and the life you live. Everything would be scripted because reality shows are kind of done. The cool part about it would be to have funny stories mixed up with what really happened. We have lots of stories from being on the road over the years. But I am no director and I will be happy to leave the storylines to the experts. There is talk and the right steps have to be made.”

Source- Contract Music

Blast Magazine: Fall Out Boy and friends rock Lowell, for better or worse

20 05 2009

LOWELL — The line of teenage girls and chaperoning parents around Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Mass. Tuesday was a quarter of a mile long. Anyone walking to the end of it is a witness to every color in the neon rainbow – on t-shirts, shoelaces, and even sections of hair. What could possibly have all of these scenesters lined up in a balmy 94 degree day? Only the wet dream of emo rock tours this summer – The Believers Never Die Tour Part Deux.

As one dad stated while waiting in line with his daughter, “This is what it was like 20 years ago for us lining up for Ozzy and Motley Crue. They are all dressed up and so into it.”

The tour includes five acts starting with Hey Monday, Metro Station, All Time Low, Cobra Starship and is capitalized with pop-rock giants Fall Out Boy. The concert was completely sold out which means approximately 5,000 jubilant fans crammed into the floor pit of Tsongas while 1,500 their parents and the more claustrophobic fans fill out the arena seats circling the stage. Their screams grew louder and closer to pandemonium with each act that took the stage.

Hey Monday, the newest act to Pete Wentz’s Fueled By Ramen imprint label Decaydance, kept things light and exciting during the opening set but things began to get unkosher when Metro Station took the stage. Trace Cyrus (Yes, of the Miley relation – her half brother) spent more time throwing his guitar than actually playing it (observation: there was never a time when he strummed and sang at the same time). The stands erupted when Cyrus took off his shirt right before the crowd favorite, “Shake It.” The intensity of the reaction caused one girl to be pulled out of the pit (which looked more like a squared off block of human sardines than actual people) unconscious and rushed backstage for medical attention.

Still, the most disturbing moment of the night came when All Time Low front man Alex Gaskarth requested that all willing girls to throw their bras on stage during the Virginia rockers’ set. Before he could finish the first verse there were dozens of undergarments being thrown on stage, which is even more unsettling when you realize that the mean age of everyone close to the stage is 14 and the sex Gaskarth offered for their undergarments is illegal in all 50 states. The ordeal has me extremely worried about the welfare and mentality of the upcoming concert-going generation.

After the All Time Low set there seemed to be a mass exodus of underage (and now unsupported) teenage girls, only to be replaced by a new crowd of slightly older — but still tripped out in neon — fans who seemed to flank from the wings to take their spots in the pit for the headlining acts.

Cobra Starship lead singer Gabe Saporta refrained from asking for lingerie (though one or two were still thrown at bassist Alex Suarez) and stuck to making jokes about swine flu and teaching the crowd the “international Cobra symbol” -– throwing fangs up before ending with their flagship song “Snakes On a Plane” and fan favorite “Guilty Pleasure.”

It has to be said that Fall Out Boy lived up to their headlining position though. Their performance was decked out with background video, snare drummers in full SWAT attire and even a wardrobe change. The Chicago-based quartet rocked out for over an hour, playing songs from all four of their albums from the first, “Take This To Your Grave,” to the December-released “Folie A Deux”.

Bassist Pete Wentz handled most of the between song banter, commenting on everything from political current events to a poster in the front row pleading “DON’T SELL OUT.” Wentz countered that the band never sold out, merely “bought in” –- whatever that means.

Overall, it felt like two separate concerts where each band performed for their own respective audiences. There was always something to watch, which is all you could ask for from a show, but in some cases it felt like -– for better or worse –- the emphasis was more on the spectacle than the songs being presented. At the end of the night, despite a few disturbing moments, Believers Never Die turned out to be a thoroughly entertaining show and I’ll place a bet that it ends up being one of the most successful of the entire summer.

Source- Blast Magazine

Norwich Bulletin: Nancy Hall- Bands get a big break opening for stars

2 05 2009

Fall Out Boy kicked off the U.S. leg of their Believers Never Die Part Deux tour on April 3 and have been playing almost every night since. The busy outing, making its stop at Mohegan Sun Arena Wednesday, has featured several opening acts as well. Lesser known bands like Cobra Starship, Hey Monday, All Time Low and Metro Station are along for this tour and will soon be entertaining crowds in southeastern Connecticut.
Hey Monday
Hey Monday was formed by lead singer Cassadee Pope, who was signed to a record label before ever recording any music. They released their debut album, “Hold on Tight,” in October of 2008 on Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz’s label imprint Decaydance Records and have pretty much been touring ever since. Along with opening for Fall Out Boy, Pope is also featured in the music video for their latest single “America’s Suitehearts.”

Cobra Starship
Also on Decaydance Records is pop punk band Cobra Starship. The eclectic group, which includes a keytar player, was formed by bassist/singer Gabe Saporta and named after words on the back of one of his vintage jackets. They have been featured on the “Snakes on a Plane” soundtrack and are reportedly working with “Gossip Girl” star Leighton Meester on a new song titled “I Make Good Girls Go Bad.”
Metro Station
Metro Station certainly knows about good girls. Their lead guitarist, Trace Cyrus, is the older brother of “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus. Lead vocalist Mason Musso also has a younger sibling on the show, Mitchel Musso, and the guys’ mothers introduced them on the set in 2006. A year later they had their self-titled debut album released on Columbia Records and in the summer of 2008 took over radio with their multi-platinum single “Shake It.”
All Time Low
Rounding out the openers is All Time Low. Although they are the group that’s been together the longest, they are also they only ones on the tour without a major label release. It has been rumored they’ve signed with Interscope Records and will have a major release for their third album. It probably doesn’t hurt the Believers Never Die Tour is the biggest they’ve been on.
Fans can see all the openers, and of course headliners Fall Out Boy, Wednesday at Mohegan Sun Arena.

Source- Norwich Bulletin

Times of Malta: Updated- Isle of MTV line-up announced

2 05 2009

Black Eyed Peas, Lada Gaga, Metro Station and Esmée Denters for Malta show

MTV Networks International (MTVNI) today announced that The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Metro Station and Esmée Denters will perform at the Isle of MTV music event in Malta on July 8. The artists will play in a free live concert on the Granaries in Floriana in front of a crowd expected to top 50,000.

“We are thrilled to be announcing a world class line up for what promises to once again be one of the summer’s must-see musical events. The Isle of MTV Malta is unique in offering young people across Europe an exclusive opportunity to experience some of the world’s best new and established artists in the sunshine of Malta,” said Jules Robinson, SVP, Viacom Brand Solutions International.

“This event has become a vital annual destination for music lovers from across Europe and we are delighted to be a part of it now for the third year running. For MTV, it’s a great opportunity to work with Malta in producing a stunning event in such beautiful surroundings and on a holiday island location.”

MTV will broadcast in an hour-long live special airing across MTV’s pan-European network in September. The Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, Mario de Marco, said that Malta was proud that for the third time running, the islands would host such a high-profile musical event.

“We invite music lovers from all over Europe to come and experience what Malta is all about: music, fun, sun, sea, history and so much more. We look forward to welcoming you, as we’re sure that once again, we will be offering an experience which is hard to forget.”

He said that in July 2006, there were 34,000 aged up to 24 who visited Malta, but that had increased to 42,000 in 2007, when the first concert was held in Malta, and 46,000 last year.

Malta Tourism Authority CEO Josef Formosa Gauci said that the MTA would be promoting the event and offering packages which include flight, accommodation and tickets to the Malta Music Weekend which will cover July 3-8.

The Black Eyed Peas are one of the world’s most successful recording artists, gaining global recognition for their breakout album, Elephunk and the singles ‘Where is the Love?’ and ‘Shut Up’ and the subsequent triple platinum album, Monkey Business which sold more than nine million copies worldwide and spawned the Grammy Award-winning singles, ‘Don’t Phunk With My Heart’ and ‘My Humps’.

In Malta, they will perform tracks from their fifth studio album, ‘The E.N.D’, due for release in June and including the single, ‘Boom Boom Pow’.

Lady Gaga is making a welcome return to Isle of MTV Malta after rave reviews for her performance at last year’s event. She hit the big time earlier this year with her number 1 hit singles ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Poker Face’.

At just 22, Lady Gaga made a name for herself on New York’s Lower East Side club scene with the infectious dance-pop party song ‘Beautiful Dirty Rich,’ and wild, theatrical, and often tongue-in-cheek shock art performances. She wrote the lyrics and melodies on her current album, ‘The Fame,’ an infectious mix of two parts dance-pop, one part electro-pop, and one part rock.

An Internet phenomenon and now an MTV ‘Push’ breakthrough artist, Metro Station, are bringing their energetic electronic dance-pop to Malta. The LA band formed as 17 year-olds back in 2006 and their first single, “Shake It”, has already become a Top 10 hit across Europe. Metro Station released their self-titled debut album in Europe in March 2009 and continue to build on their multi-platinum success back in the US.

Dutch singer-songwriter Esmée Denters is undoubtedly on her way to musical stardom. Signed to Justin Timberlake’s Tennman Records, the 20 year-old started out posting videos of herself singing on YouTube and now can count some of the best-known songwriters and producers amongst her collaborators, as well as writing songs with Timberlake himself. She brings her edgy, soulful pop-R&B sound to Malta, including her first single ‘Outta Here’, a hybrid of urban beats, pop lyrics and rock attitude.

Source- Times of Malta

MTV: Lady GaGa For Isle Of MTV Plus Black Eyed Peas and Metro Station will play at our Malta concert…

2 05 2009
The line up for this year’s Isle of MTV show in Malta has been announced with Black Eyed Peas, Lady GaGa, Metro Station and Esmee Denters all confirmed.
The acts will all play live for 50,000 fans on July 8 this summer at what is bound to be an amazing concert.
Lady GaGa played the show last year before anyone knew who she was- now she’s had a number one album and singles across Europe and the US.
Esmee Denters is the next female singer sure to go the same way and was signed to Justin Timberlake’s TennMan records last year after he spotted her on the internet.
Black Eyed Peas will hit Malta to debut material from their hotly anticipated new album The E.N.D.
Finally Metro Station are bound to bring rock to the Isle of MTV festival- their single Shake It has been massive across Europe in the past few months.
Source- MTV UK

Trace Cyrus: ‘THANK YOU PHILLY!’

2 05 2009

thank you to anyone who came out to the philly show tonight. we had a blast. even with the rain and everything you guys were amazing.
thanks so much.
cant wait to be back!

see you tomorrow new jersey!


Source- Trace Cyrus’s Official Myspace Bulletin