Inquierer- Metro Station has arrived

15 06 2009

MANILA, Philippines—American electropop band Metro Station was formed in 2006 but discovered only after its song “Seventeen Forever” topped MySpace Music’s Unsigned charts.

Composed of Mason Musso (vocalist, rhythm guitarist), Trace Cyrus (lead guitarist, vocalist), Anthony Improgo (drummer) and Blake Healy (keyboardist, bassist), Metro Station recorded a self-titled, 10-track debut album that landed in various music charts. The band’s gigs at Ayala Malls continues tonight, 7 p.m. at TriNoma, and tomorrow, 6:30 p.m. at Alabang Town Center.
Describe your musical style and name your biggest influences.

Mason: We call it synth-pop; that’s the easiest way to describe it. For the album, we were influenced by a lot of ’80s music, and one of the biggest was a band called Postal Service. We were also influenced by New Order, Depeche Mode and OMD.

Trace: Mason and I really got into this electronic-style music. We were into dance clubs. We wanted to accomplish getting the atmosphere—how people dance to music—and we feel that we found that with our music.
Trace, did you always intend to make music different from your dad’s (Billy Ray)?

Trace: I’ve always wanted to do music ever since I was a child. But I didn’t know I wanted to do electronic music until I met Mason. I was writing songs on my acoustic guitar and he was making different types of songs …
How do you divide singing duties?

Trace: We figure out what part of the song is gonna be sung better by which singer. Mason has a totally different vocal style. We were working on a song the other night. It’s like, “You should sing this part,” and “I should come in here.” It’s just agreed upon.

What subject is easiest to write about?

Mason: Women.

Trace: Girls, relationships—it’s a big thing. We just try to write about anything that’ll reach a large number of people. If kids can’t relate to it, there’s no point in writing it.

Blake, how different was it before you joined the band?

Blake: I went to Los Angeles, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with music, and I happen to get into a really great situation with these guys. I feel really lucky.
What’s the most important thing about making music?

Mason: Love what you’re doing.

Trace: As long as you know you’re happy, nothing else should ever matter.
What’s the best thing about being in Metro Station?

Trace: I have my best friends with me and I’m making music so it’s the best of both worlds. These guys are my new family.

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Now 72 (UK) Tracklisting!

24 03 2009


Metro Station’s hit song, ‘Shake It’, is going to be included in United Kingdom’s Now 72! Go pick up a copy on April 6th, 2009! Watch the video to view the whole tracklist; Metro Station is on the second disk, number ten. (Fastforward to 4:54)

Or click here to view the tracklist and preorder your copy!

Trace Cyrus: ‘Paris.’

24 03 2009


Trace Cyrus: i have a new default picture… just posted today

21 03 2009

new default…

hope you like.

come see me at the show tomorrow in LONDON!

much love everybody…

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OceanUP: Metro Station PARIS La Maroquinerie

21 03 2009


Really late posting this.. Metro Station at La Maroquinerie in Paris, February.

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Anthony Improgo: Danielle, i’m lost :-)

20 03 2009

Top40 Charts: Metro Station Announce New London Date

8 03 2009

London, UK. (Top40 Charts/ SONY BMG MUSIC Entertainment) – Following the sold out tour with ‘Boys Like Girls’ and the growing popularity of debut single ‘Shake It’, Metro Station return to the UK with a surprise headline gig on the 22nd March.

Embraced by millions of fans online in the U.S., Metro Station are set to repeat their success in the UK.

Currently climbing the UK airplay charts and building an impressive online following the facts speak for themselves.

A total of 44 million plays across 4 tracks on MySpace and 30 million plays across 3 videos on YouTube (including 20 million views of Shake It alone) this is a band born out of social networking sites. Their Bebo page has 30k page views and 11k fans, which is a great start considering their album will not be released in-stores until the 30th of March.

Fronted by Trace Cyrus, brother of teen sensation Miley Cyrus, Metro Station were signed to Red Ink after an intern discovered them on Myspace. Warped Tour veterans Motion City Soundtrack produced two tracks, ‘Kelsey’ and ‘Comin’ Around’ off their debut album, and the band worked on the remaining tracks with well known producers Sam Hollander and Dave Katz (Gym Class Heroes, Boys Like Girls).

Metro Station will release their first single ‘Shake It’ on March 23 the day after their London show with their full album following only a week later.

Source- Top40 Charts