MTV Australia: MTV’S Top-10 Rising Stars

9 01 2010

Today ‘we’re talking about one of the fundamental questions that preoccupy music fans – who will be the stars of tomorrow? Now that Michael Jackson has passed away, who is going to take his crown as the King of Pop? Well, we’re going to do our best to give you some answers, and find the hottest new talent of 2009 with our Top-10 Rising Stars…

10: Ke$ha – Tik Tok

You might have already seen her rapping with Flo Rida in ‘Right Round’, but Ke$ha’s doing just fine by herself these days. From appearing in Katy Perry’s video ‘I Kissed A Girl’, to backing vocal spots with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears; Ke$ha’s been a busy girl, and things aren’t slowing down anytime soon! For a taste of things to come, check out what she calls a documentary of a day in her life… her first single ’Tik Tok’!

9: White Lies – To Lose My Life

“We’ve had the most successful year of our career,” said the White Lies a year ago. And that was before 2009 clocked over – when they got really huge. Hailing from West London , White Lies were top of the play lists on radio stations everywhere – and loved by a growing army of fans, who made a beeline for their concerts. Now it’s time to enjoy White Lies music – and don’t worry if it makes you a little depressed, it’s meant to!

8: Little Boots – New In Town

The BBC called her “the most promising act for 2009”, and she’s not disappointed us. Little Boots,or the 25 year old Victoria Hesket from Lancashire in England , was already hot property on the web, but with the release of her debut album ‘Hands’, she’s got everyone’s attention.

7: The Veronicas – Untouched

When The Veronicas first hit the scene in 2005, you could be forgiven for thinking they were two innocent holier-than-thou brunette twins, especially as matching red lipstick was about as risqué as it got for the duo. But a couple of years, some chart success, and a US tour with the intensely popularJonas Brothers have seen the twins find new fame, with ‘Untouched’ flying into the U.S charts. Yep, the Brissy twins have morphed into full scaled sex kittens and we’re loving every minute. Hook yourself up with the V-rons now…

6: Hockey – Too Fake

Hockey announced their arrival with a bang thanks to album ‘Mind Chaos’, which was brimming with bright and shiny indie-rock and voila’ the press welcomed them as one of the best groups of the year; in fact the biggest breath of fresh air in 2009.

5: Metro Station – Shake It

Trace and Mason from Metro Station aren’t just any old teenagers. Trace Cyrus is the brother ofMiley alias Hannah Montana, and Mason is the brother of Mitchel Musso who plays Oliver in the same Disney series. The two couldn’t be more different. Trace likes piercing, tattoos and rock clubs, while Mason likes to be in his bedroom writing songs. While it’s difficult to imagine them getting along, get along they do, so much so that the showbiz doors are wide open to them, and everyone agrees the best is yet to come.

4: Daniel Merriweather – Change

Aussie born Daniel Merriweather, who started making music when he was four years old, was frying chickens for KFC when he began writing songs in earnest. Then a plot twist arrived in perfect Hollywood style – his demos captured Mark Ronson’s attention who instantly fell in love with his voice. Years later and it’s 2009, and with it comes the album ‘Love and War’ that’s bringing him worldwide recognition.

3: Pixie Lott – Mama Do

Often we spend our lives shaking off nicknames, but there’s one 18-year-old who’s so fond of hers that she’s even used it as her stage name. Step forward Pixie Lott! In 2009, her debut album ‘Turn it Up’ appeared with its advice on how to slip out of the house unnoticed in the middle of the night to meet a boy, broken hearts, shattered dreams, not to mention objects that fly out of the window. Combine this with the skills of top-notch producers and writers and you have the recipe for international success. Keep ‘em coming Pixie!

2: La Roux – In For The Kill

Growing up, androgynous newcomer Elly Jackson naturally gravitated to electronica, and musical experiments at college parties just cemented her passion. She just needed someone to work with. Step forward producer Ben Langmaid. It was love at first sight for Elly – not with Ben, but with his synthesizer! Polydor quickly snapped them up, and a few months later, ‘Bulletproof’ grabbed the number one spot. La Roux has arrived!

1: Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

You’ve just finished high school with a head full of dreams – the biggest of which is music. If this sounds like you, but you’ve already sold millions of records, then there’s a good chance your name is Taylor Swift. Her record breaking self titled album that went straight to number one, a role in 2009’s most controversial moment (thanks Kanye) and a love affair with a Twilight hottie; Taylor’s fairy tale 2009 has certainly had a happy ending.

Source- MTV Australia


Times of Malta: Lady Gaga woos the crowd at the Floriana Granaries

4 08 2009

Lady Gaga took the Isle of MTV stage by storm last night with three trademark sexy outfits and her theatrical presence, belting out hits like Poker Face that got the crowd going and forgetting any swine flu fears.

It was her second performance at the Malta concert in Floriana and she told the crowd she started a “fairy tale” and the best year of her life here.

Lady Gaga discarded the mask she wore at a press conference prior to the show, saying it had nothing to do with infections and was a “contemporary art piece, designed by a friend”.

Instead, she wore three of the hottest costumes while playing the piano in provocative positions, including standing on the stool and bending over in a leopard-print leotard and playing the instrument with one hand.

She told the crowd sensually that she wanted to sing love songs to them all night.

The Black Eyed Peas got the Floriana Granaries pumping to their tunes, as did recently formed American pop band Metro Station.

Earlier on, the hip hop and pop soul group faced questions on allegations of plagiarism, saying their song Party All The Time may have the same beginning as Freedman’s Mancry but that the “beat” was given to them by the band’s manager.

“It’s not really plagiarism when someone wants to work with you,” explained frontman, saying the problem was the lack of “finalising legalities before releasing the record. Clearance was not done in time before the record came out”.

The group paid tribute to Michael Jackson, who passed away recently, saying they were hurt about his passing.

“We were blessed to have worked with him, and been friends with him, his family, kids and assistants,” said.

It felt good to be in Malta and they were not aware it had so much history, he said earlier in the day, pardoning his ignorance for not knowing.

“It’s a great place; great people; and the women are beautiful!”

The band’s energetic singer Fergie revealed a local connection, saying the family of her wardrobe stylist, Chris Psaila, was Maltese.

The supple and petite beauty was flattered by compliments passed at the press conference, saying she was used to hearing negative comments and revealing her secrets to being so fit.

Back home, Fergie has a meal delivery service, Hollywood’s Diet Designs, and can stick to healthy food and exercise, but that all gets disrupted when she’s on tour. She may have guiltily stolen a Kit Kat bar from the hotel’s mini bar the night before, but was at the gym yesterday. Starving does not work for the star.

Metro Station’s four members were recovering from a big night out in Paceville, “the little strip of a club scene”, the night before, but still managed to “shake it” at the concert, in keeping with the title of their hit single.

They joked that their audience was mostly girls, aged between 10 and 12, and that the guys came because they realised it was a good place to pick up the chicks. They were in for a surprise at the Granaries last night.

Each member of the band described Malta as: “romantic, wild, sexy and a paradise”, but excluded the possibility of a holiday, their careers being on a roll.

The show was opened by Dutch singer Esmée Denters and closed with a fireworks display, ushering the fourth and last Isle of MTV concert next summer.

Source- Times of Malta

Times of Malta: Metro Station see Malta as ‘romantic, wild, sexy and a paradise’

4 08 2009

*Video interview coming soon! Click below link to view it (for now)

Popular American band Metro Station have described Malta as being “romantic, wild, sexy and a paradise”.

The four-man band said they were looking forward for the Isle of MTV concert this evening after having enjoyed a night in Paceville and hitting Malta’s ‘little club scene.’

They said they will be playing eight songs from their self-titled album including their top hit Shake It.

The four also paid tribute to Michael Jackson, describing his untimely death as ‘tragic’.

Source- Times of Malta

Metro Station on MTV Push PERFORMANCE Videos

31 05 2009


“Shake It”

“Seventeen Forever”

*Anthony isn’t in any of Metro Station’s three performances shown above. Anybody have any information as to why? Nonetheless, the boys still did great on their performances ( without Ant 😦 )! Thanks fueledbyluska!

Metro Station VMA PERFORMANCE Video

31 05 2009

Metro Station performed at the ‘Red Carpet Show’ for Japan’s MTV Video Music Awards ’09 yesterday! Here’s the performance video; they perform their singles, ‘Seventeen Forever’ and ‘Shake It’. Thanks puccyo3!

Metro Station/ Trace Cyrus in Japan PHOTOS

31 05 2009

Photos via Trace Cyrus’s Twitter.

The Greyhound: The band, Metro Station, ‘Shakes’ up the teen-music scene

20 05 2009

When 18-year-olds Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso met through what has been deemed a “blind rock date” arranged by their mothers, things did not immediately click. Mason says of Cyrus, “I had never seen anyone like Trace before. He had all these lip piercings and tattoos and went to rock clubs. I just sat in my room in a big hoodie, writing songs on my guitar.”

But when they started talking music, the boys were able to connect on a different level, finding common ground in a love for 80s bands such as The Cure, New Order, and The Clash. Synth artist Blake Healey, 26, and drummer Anthony Improgo, 31, completed the group.

The name, Metro Station is meant to symbolize the merge of the guys’ geographic backgrounds and musical influences. Guitarist Mason Musso says, “We’re from all over. And we’re transitory. That’s what it’s like to be a teenager-to want to escape and find your place. That’s who we sing for.”

The band’s self-titled debut album definitely fits with this message. Metro Station embodies what it’s like to be a teenager today, even going back to their Internet origin. The band first blew up on Myspace, linking them with other “pop-rock” scene bands such as Panic at The Disco and Hey Monday.

Three months later, their singles, “Seventeen Forever” and “Shake It,” had hit the top of the Myspace unsigned charts, and they had the gotten the attention of Columbia Record execs.

Selling more than 10 million copies of their album online, the band took off. Metro Station is currently joining Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and Cobra Starship on the six-week “Believers Never Die, Part Deux” tour hosted by MTV.

The band begins its first headlining tour in October. For a band only out for three years, they have a fanbase of thousands and a number of impressive media appearances, including a feature in Rolling Stone and Alternative Press.

Simply characterized, Metro Station is an energetic, feel-good album meant to make teens want to dance. This impression is reiterated with occasional breaks from the storyline of the songs in order to allow Cyrus to randomly proclaim, “I just wanna get down!”

However, tracks like “Control” and “Wish we were older” attempt to transcend the boy-meets-girl vibe of the lyrics in exchange for more mature meaning. Cyrus’ cool vocals and Mason’s belting choruses are easy to listen and sing along to, and the faux British accent doesn’t hurt either. The songs do a good job communicating the fleeting feeling of young love, accompanied by teenagers’ desire to taste the world before their time; fans can easily relate. As long as the lyrics evolve with the fan’s experiences, there is no reason why Metro Station can’t expect a growing fan base and a bright future.

Source- The Greyhound