New Photo With Blake and Kristy!

8 05 2009

How cute is this?



Blake Healy: Flying home to Michigan with Kristy

11 03 2009


New Photo From Kristy!

17 02 2009

Kristy (now engaged to Blake!) added a new super adorable photo of the two! Go comment it! (KristyDemarco)


7 02 2009


check them out!

thanks to all the love in Europe.
we are having a blast!!!

hope you like the pics!


Source- Trace Cyrus’s Official Myspace Bulletin

Hanna Beth: tons of new photos of my lovey and i

6 02 2009


Source- Hanna Beth’s Official Myspace Bulletin

Hanna Beth posted new photos of her and Trace in the UK and also old photos of them together. Check them out below and comment them on her Myspace page! (MissHannaBethM)

*Trace Cyrus ALSO posted photos of them together. (The last two photos of this gallery- the last one includes them AND Blake & Kristy! How cute!) Go comment those at his Myspace page as well! (TraceCyrus)

Trace Cyrus & Hanna Beth- Split?

10 11 2008

We don’t enjoy posting gossip, but..

thdscf0803 spoke to Metro Station frontman Trace Cyrus about their upcoming Australian tour, supporting the Veronicas, presented by The Hot Hits – and when the subject turned to ladies, it seems there’s been a recent development.

“I’m single now,” Trace revealed exclusively to

Trace was dating Hanna Beth, an “internet celebrity” who was featured in their video ‘Shake It’, for over a year.

Both Hanna Beth and Trace have kept quiet on the break-up until now, the only indication that they weren’t together anymore being that they both changed their relationship status’ on myspace to “single” and deleted all photos with the other person in them.

So of course we had to ask Trace whether there could be a possible love match between him and The Veronicas.

Although he hasn’t met them before, he says, “I’ve seen them on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine… They look like very beautiful ladies.”

It sounds like this could be a recipe for a new love match, especially considering what the girls said to us last time they popped in to have a chat.

“I like him – I think he’s cute,” said Jess.

“It could go either way with Jess,” mused Lisa. “I don’t know whether she’s going to think he’s really cute or waaay not good.”

OK, so there’s at least a 50% chance.

Only time will tell whether a Jess/Trace love-match comes to fruition. Lisa is off the market right now, dating a new American guy called Reeve Carney and we’ll just have to wait and see whether Jess is on or off again with her sometimes-boyfriend Azaria or her lesbian lover Ruby Rose…

Source- The Hot Hits