Anthony Improgo Leaves Metro Station

29 12 2009

Drummer Anthony Improgo has departed from Metro Station, leaving only vocalist/guitarist Trace Cyrus and guitarist Mason Musso as members. Cyrus tweeted, “and then there were two,” and Improgo said, “thank you for the 3 years. you will always be my boys!!!!!!!”

This is the second member to leave the band in a little more than a month. Keyboardist Blake Healy announced he was no longer with the band in mid-November.

Source – ALT Press

And for those of you wondering why the lack of updates this whole time is mainly because of these two *amazing* members leaving. I’m still deciding on whether to continue the updates as just on Trace and Mason now or with all of them or just delete this site… Feel free to comment. I’ll make my final decision by the new year.


Blake Healy Leaves Metro Station

16 11 2009

Blake Healy announced yesterday that he has officially left Metro Station on his Twitter. No word on why he left.  We’ll keep you posted.

As sad as we are to hear the news, we wish Blake luck in whatever path he chooses in the future. *Seventeen Forever, even though it is a Metro Station fansite, will continue to post Blake Healy news! xox