Miley Cyrus Gets Inked for Justin Gaston: JG + MC = Love?

28 10 2008

Is it love for Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston?  The former Nashville star contestant and the current Hannah Montana have fans wondering just how serious the relationship is and where this thing is going.  A report from this week’s Star Magazine claims that Miley Cyrus is so smitten with 20-year old boyfriend Justin that she got inked.

Earlier this year Miley’s brother Trace said that he expected his sister, now 15, to get some permanent body art on her 18th birthday. “She loves my tattoos,” he told In Touch before hitting the stage with his band, Metro Station, at Z100’s Zootopia in East Rutherford, N.J., on May 17.  “My mother has tattoos, too.  I could totally see my mom going with Miley to get her first one.  She took me!”

Source- National Ledger


The Veronicas / Metro Station Australian tour!

28 10 2008

Official Press Release:
The Frontier Touring Company is pleased to confirm the homecoming of The Veronicas in 2009. After months of touring abroad our favourite twins will return for a string of shows in February ’09.

Fans in Newcastle, Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will be treated to the ‘Revenge Is Sweeter’ tour in what is The Veronicas’ most extensive tour since 2006. Special guests at all shows will be ‘Shake It’ superstars Metro Station, and Sydney’s own Short Stack.

The past 12 months for The Veronicas have been the most frenetic of their lives. Their versatility has been on display as they’ve launched a clothing line, a series of webisodes, toured with the Jonas Brothers, Hanson and Natasha Beddingfield across America, and have received a plethora of favourable US press:

Blender caught a recent New York show and were thrilled with the offering, declaring: “…they flip off rock star moves with the ease of stadium-trained pros”.

Time Out New York announced of Hook Me Up: “(Kelly) Clarkson needn’t rush her return to pop; the Veronicas have more than compensated since she’s been gone.”

The New York Sun described the album as “refreshingly sincere”, and named title track ‘Hook Me Up’ as “the most beguiling pop song of the year”.

While the Examiner were pleasantly surprised: “Hook Me Up… defies the sophomore slump.”

Most spectacular, however, is the success of their critically-acclaimed album Hook Me Up in Australia. Debuting at #2 on the ARIA album chart, Hook Me Up has been the musical juggernaut of the year, spawning four top ten singles, going double platinum, selling in excess of 170,000 copies and garnering four nominations at this year’s ARIA awards and an invitation to perform. The Veronicas’ return is set to be one of the most anticipated of 2009.

“We’re so excited about coming home to tour for our fans in February! We’ve played some amazing shows across America over the last six months, but with all the surprises in store for our Revenge Is Sweeter tour, we think these shows are going to be our best yet. We can’t wait to see everyone again and share the show with you!” Jess Origliasso said.

After thrilling fans in Melbourne and Sydney on a sold out tour earlier this year, Metro Station are set to return in support of their debut self-titled record (out now through Sony BMG). If you missed Metro Station’s high-paced dance-a-thons earlier in the year, you’ll have another opportunity to take part as they support The Veronicas on all Australian show dates. With rock star moves and teen anthems, Metro Station will help raise the roof at these shows.

With a debut album slated for release in 2009, it’s time you were brought up to speed with Short Stack. Slated to open all shows on the Revenge Is Sweeter tour, these boys will be in fine form following tours with Good Charlotte, hellogoodbye and Simple Plan. With a TV show, a range of merchandise and a global fanbase, it’s not long before Short Stack will take on the world.

This triple bill of pop rock goodness will be one of the best tours of 2009 and tickets will sell fast. Avoid disappointment and secure yours when they go on sale this Tuesday 28 October. Please visit for pre-sale details.

Source- Kill Your Stereo

Livedaily interview with ‘The Academy Is…’

28 10 2008

Speaking of Decaydance being like a family: Cobra Starship appears on your album.

Yeah, we had members of Cobra come in, which was really cool. They’re good friends of ours. We were recording in New York and Gabe [Saporta, singer] literally lived right across the street from the studio we were recording in. He’d pop in and hear songs. Ryland [Blackinton, guitarist] and Alex [Suarez, bassist] live in Brooklyn, not too far with the subway. They’d come in and I’d play them some songs and occasionally we’d be like, “Sing this harmony. Go in the vocal booth. You have a great voice. Now do this part.” That’s what’s fun about it–having friends that are artistically inclined and excited to be in the studio and have some fun together. We had never met Mason [Musso, vocalist/guitarist] from Metro Station, who sings on one of our songs. We had never met him before. He came by to visit our producer in the studio and we were playing a song back for him. He said, “I have this idea. What if you guys tried something like this?” We were like, “What if you tried something like this.” He did it and that kid’s got a lot of talent. I never knew that before. To see him come in and have an idea like that, it’s really cool. It’s amazing how, once you get a bunch of musicians together in a room, anything can happen. That’s part of the fun of music.

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*Note that this excerpt was picked because it was the only part of the article which included Metro Station.

Pop track to Metro Station

28 10 2008

Source: The Age [Click to read the full article!]

They look like rockers but their sound is pop, says Andrew Murfett.

HIS dad, Billy Ray, wrote Achy Breaky Heart. His sister, Miley, is Hannah Montana. But Trace Cyrus, co-founder of Californian pop quartet Metro Station, insists he did not use his family’s influence to reach the top of the pop charts.

Still, as the band gathered at a St Kilda cafe last week for their first Australian tour, there is little confusion among bandmates regarding their meal ticket.

In person, the surprisingly tall Cyrus towers over his bandmates both figuratively and literally. As journalists arrive, Cyrus springs up and makes his way to the back of the room, leaving his bandmates to enjoy their breakfast undisturbed.

Cyrus cuts an odd figure. With gaunt, pale cheekbones and a multitude of body piercings and body art, the 20-year-old looks like a young Marilyn Manson.

Wearing dark sunglasses he declines to remove while he works through his fried eggs, Cyrus says he became addicted to touring as a small child, spending his summers on the road with dad.

“It gave me the itch to be on the road,” he says.

Metro Station’s debut album was a long time coming. Cyrus met the band’s co-singer, Mason Musso, on the set of Hannah Montana (Mason’s brother Mitchel stars with Miley on the show).

At the time, Cyrus was recording music in his bedroom “for fun”. The weekend the two met, they began writing music together. Within three hours, they had written their first song.

Cyrus found keyboard player Blake Healy, who moved to Los Angeles to be a famous musician, through MySpace and they began attracting label attention immediately after leaking demos online.

The big break came from MySpace; an intern scouting for US major label Columbia Records heard the demos online and passed them on to the powers that be.

A few months later, the band was signed and sent straight into the studio and have been on tour since, completing the album 14 months ago. The album was released in the US last year, but only began to sell after the single Shake It became a huge radio hit. In spite of their visible hardcore aesthetic, Shake It and the rest of their album is undoubtedly sugar-laden pop music.

“I love all types of music … but pop is where my heart is at,” Cyrus says. “We look like rock guys but we are singing about ‘shaking it’. We are a pop band. There’s something about pop songs that are remembered throughout time. I feel like in 20 years time, Shake It will be still played.”

SJC Drums Complany makes Metro Station’s drums!

28 10 2008

In an interview with Worchester Telegraph, Michael L. Ciprari, co-owner andassisant manager of SLJ Drums, talks about his company and bands he associates with in making these instruments. *Note that we only took part of the article which included Metro Station.

What bands has SJC made drums for that people may know?
“SJC Drums has made drums for artists such as Panic at the Disco, Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is, Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, Cobra Starship, All Time Low, Kanye West, Dropkick Murphys, The Aquabats and many more.”

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Seventeen Forever- Email contact information!

28 10 2008

As we read through the other comments on older posts, we found that many people have been asking for our email addresses! It’s [Used from our previous site, by the way] Feel free to email news, photos, videos, updates, icons, ANYTHING! All credit will go to you.

Thanks! -Naomi and Tammy, Seventeen Forever Staff.

Trace Cyrus on boyband, ‘Jonas Brothers’

28 10 2008

When Nine MSN asked Trace Cyrus from Metro Station if he’d ever consider working with the Jonas Brothers, he responded, ‘that would be the last thing I would do on this planet.’