Meet Metro Station at Hot Topic in MN!

5 10 2008

Beginning Friday, October 3, purchase the Metro Station CD or any Metro Station t-shirt from the Ridgedale Center Hot Topic and receive a wristband that guarantees a place in line to meet the band on October 20!

Metro Station Meet and Greet
Monday October 20 @ 4PM
Ridgedale Center
Hot Topic
12549 Wayzata Bl.
Minnetonka, MN 55305

** One wristband per person. Space is limited. No cameras allowed and one autograph per person.


Old entries located on our old Metro Station fansite.

5 10 2008

Just a heads up to all new readers, all of our old Metro Station news are in our old site. ‘MetroStationOnline.TK‘ (: Check it out if you’d like and remember to tell your friends about this fansite! I’d really mean a lot.

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Australian News: Trace Cyrus has mum to thank for band Metro Station

5 10 2008
Source: [article and photo]

To look at Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso you’d never guess they met on the set of the Disney sitcom Hannah Montana.

But the brother of Miley Cyrus and fellow Metro Station frontman Musso have their mothers to thank for introducing them there.

Miley and Trace’s father Billy Ray – of Achy Breaky Heart fame – star in the hit show with Musso’s brother Mitchel.

Their mothers knew their respective sons were both keen bedroom musicians, The Daily Telegraph reports.

While both singers admit they were sceptical when their mums tried to introduce them, that teen playdate has paid off with the hit single Shake It, which rocketed to No.1 on the Australian charts recently.

The pair have been separated from their families for much of the past 18 months, writing, recording and touring their debut album and establishing their own entertainment careers.

They decided to organise a unique family get-together in a theme park by inviting Billy Ray and Miley to star as extras in the video for their new single, Seventeen Forever.

“I had no idea my sister and dad could make it until the day before because they’re so busy with the show,” Trace said. “It was awesome for my family to come out and see the whole carnival there.”

Mason says he expressed his gratitude to his mother for setting him up with his bandmate with some “small” diamond jewellery last Christmas.

Trace got a $200 tattoo, an appropriate tribute considering his mum took him to get his first piece of body art when he turned 18.

The Daily Telegraph: Myley’s Trace Elements

5 10 2008

Source: Daily Telegraph [article and photo]
TRACE Cyrus has looked on for years as his dad, Billy Ray, and younger sister Miley coped with fame – paparazzi, celebrity parties and gossip magazines.

Now he’s learning what it’s like himself as singer and guitarist for American pop rock band Metro Station.

“My sister (Miley), at the age of 15, I don’t know how she does it cos it’s so stressful and so crazy,” he said. “Now that I am, like, 19, I feel like I am ready for it, at this point in my life.”

Metro Station rocked onto the scene a few months back with their hit single, Shake It, and self-titled debut album.

They’re signed to Columbia/Sony BMG and, while Trace is proud of his younger sister – one of the biggest teenage pop stars on the planet and star of Disney’s Hannah Montana – he doesn’t want to be mistaken for something he isn’t.

“I don’t want to be thought of as something that is connected with Disney Channel or Hannah Montana because we are completely different to that,” he said.

“People might think of us as this little kid pop band because our siblings are on a TV show but we are something completely different.”

Initially, Trace did his best to keep his family out of Metro Station, but is more comfortable with it now. In fact, Miley and Billy Ray make a cameo in the video clip for next single, Seventeen Forever


5 10 2008

If you’d notice our new banner is from Metro Station’s official music myspace. This if one of the scenes from the upcoming music video of theres, Seventeen Forever! We’ll keep you posted on the date the video will primere and where:) New news is coming up, stay tuned!


5 10 2008

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